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Internal vacancy for the post of Sales Executives 

Internal vacancy for the posts of Sales Executive and Driver
The management of BLDCL is pleased to announce the internal recruitment for the posts of Sales Executive and Driver:

Bhutan Livestock Development Corporation Limited (BLDCL) is a State-Owned Enterprise (SOE) and was established to complement Department of Livestock (DoL) in the development of livestock sector in the country. BLDCL basically, is a commercial entity in enhancing production and marketing of country’s livestock inputs and products.   In the context and mandate of BLDCL, inputs generally mean animal inputs (DOC, PS, dairy cow & heifers, Breeding studs, fingerlings, piglets, pullets, apiculture, seed & seeding) and feeds. In the long run, BLDCL is mandated and expected to provide all animal inputs but as of now, BLDCL has the facility to provide poultry DoC and dairy heifers.

Since the inception of the first five-year plan, the livestock input supplies were the primary priority of the government to trigger notable shift from subsistence to semi-commercial and commercial livestock farming in the country. However, the desired shift has not happened due to limited production capacity of the farms, technical and resource deficits. Thus, BLDCL work towards supplementing the deficits of inputs of DoL and it is also mandated for BLDCL to gradually supply and meet all livestock inputs in the country.  More importantly, the livestock inputs produced and supplied to the farmers would be made affordable besides the quality.

Thus, corporatization of BLDCL was envisioned as an important harbinger to enhance safe and quality domestic production with gradual strive to substitute potential livestock products and inputs. BLDCL will strive to increase internal production of livestock inputs and products from her own units to help achieve food and nutrition security of the country and also reduce imports. Besides, BLDCL will also embark on the production, aggregation, value addition and marketing of produces from the farmers and youths and relevant SOEs through livestock contract farming.

Therefore, in line with primacy and appropriateness, establishment of Bhutan Livestock Development Corporation limited was approved by the cabinet in February 2017 and was incorporated under Companies Act of Bhutan 2016 on 15th March 2017.  It was officially launched and inaugurated on 3rd August 2017 with the corporate head office at Namtog Lam, Khangkhulu, Thimphu.